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‘The Equalizer 2’ Movie Trailer Has Been Finally Released Online!!!

When we last observed Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) in 2014’s The Equalizer, he had figured out how to utilize his aptitudes as a previous CIA operator to help powerless individuals, for example, young whores. When we get with McCall again in the new trailer for The Equalizer 2, he’s as yet doing that, battling to spare a young lady from being hijacked by her dad. Be that as it may, things turn individual quick when McCall’s old CIA partner Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) gets assaulted by puzzling attackers.

McCall is clear about what he needs to do accordingly. “They killed my friend, so I’m gonna kill each and every one of them,” he proclaims. “And the only disappointment is that I only get to do it once.”

Like the principal movie, The Equalizer 2 is coordinated by Antoine Fuqua. Consistent with the executive’s style, expect a lot of hip-jump on the soundtrack. The trailer itself is scored by late Pulitzer Prize victor Kendrick Lamar’s melody “Rearward sitting arrangement Freestyle.” That tune is rapped from the point of view of Lamar’s more youthful self, however, the developed McCall has considerably more practical thoughts regarding brutality.

The Equalizer 2 is set to hit theaters July 20. Watch the trailer above.

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