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The Flash: “Duet” Crossover Episode Review

I despise musicals. I never watched Glee. Obviously, I’m not the intended interest group for “Duet.” What’s more, I mean, it’s cool in the event that you are. It’s quite recently that in spite of the incalculable hours that I, as well, spent as a tyke watching musicals with my folks, it’s the one bit of my adolescence that I haven’t clung to like my life relies on upon it.

Be that as it may, sacred moley in the event that I didn’t get cools the moment Melissa Benoist began singing “Moon River.” Despite my apprehensions, “Duet” was kinda delightful. I’m not generally the most patient watcher, and The Flash has work to do as it enters the last lap this year, and I sort of need them to get on with it.

In any case, of course, what the heck else would they say they would do? Give us some third rate antagonist of the week who wouldn’t be half as enchanting as Darren Criss’ Music Meister? No, I need to concede, “Duet” was the correct move, and when everything wrapped up, it turned out to be the correct approach to put the progressing Barry/Iris adventure back on track. I could have managed without that second unique tune, however.

Some place amidst this, they even figured out how to crush in a brisk section of honest to goodness superhero action. Perhaps it was the oddity of the cutting edge group being Martian Manhunter, Vibe, and Kid Flash (a far-fetched combo), or the way that I believe it’s the first occasion when we’ve seen genuine snow in Central City in this present show’s whole history, yet that was only an awesome visual. That fragment, brief as it seemed to be, truly popped. I’d likewise get a kick out of the chance to call attention to that the lifted prepare outside/road combo outside of Moran’s, and whatever the area was before they discovered Mon-El and Iris together were much more persuading urban sets than any of the circumstances Legends of Tomorrow has attempted to persuade us that we’re going to New York City.

On the off chance that for reasons unknown the CW ever chooses they have excessively numerous superhero shows and they have to consolidate a couple of them, I don’t believe any uncertainty a week by week Flash/Supergirl collaborate show would make the whole world extremely glad, and perhaps draw greater numbers than both of them do independently. Give Gustin and Melissa Benoist are recently outlandishly beguiling on screen together under any conditions, and Rachel Bloom’s “Super Friend” was, of course, a highlight.

However, without a doubt? You pick a number from Guys and Dolls and it’s that saccharine “More I Cannot Wish For You” melody? You couldn’t give me Heat Wave singing “Sit down, You’re Rocking The Boat?” I’m clowning, obviously, as Victor Garber, Jesse L. Martin, and John Barrowman were the show stealers this evening. To the extent I’m concerned, this current episode’s title is “Fathers” since that was only a mind blowing, truly diverting minute.

Anyway, don’t hear me out. I’m the person who doesn’t care for musicals, remember? Also, even I preferred this episode. Anything can happen!

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Forget about "Invasion" crossover. "Duet" is the genuine exhibit for what's conceivable when the four corners of the Arrow-verse unite. This episode offered a magnificently engaging affection letter to musicals while helping watchers that many to remember these on-screen characters have bonafide melodic ability. It'll be a crying disgrace if the melodic crossover doesn't turn into a yearly Arrow-verse convention.

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