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Supergirl “Medusa” Episode Review

Supergirl has had an exceptionally intriguing season so far. Managing subjects identifying with xenophobia, firearm control, and LGBTQ rights, the show has inclined substantial into social analysis, and it’s done as such without being excessively preaching or one-sided. Moreover, a couple of gigantic characters from DC Comics have made their presence on the show, for example, Miss Martian, Cyborg Superman, and Mon-El. This week, things get much additionally fascinating as the four show crossover, Heroes versus Aliens, at last starts.

This episode really has nothing to do with the bend of the crossover, notwithstanding. Rather, it concentrates on a specific infection virus that CADMUS creates with the help from fortress of solitude (actually Kara’s Biological father created the virus to protect kryptonians), which they attempt to use to wipe out all aliens life on Earth. Hank Henshaw aka now Cyborg Superman, scatters the main measurements in the aliens gathering club that the group has been frequenting, killing few aliens and injuring Mon-El, who’s out for the count for the bigger part of the episode. The DEO attempts to discover a cure as Supergirl tries to find Lena Luthor’s mom, the mastermind behind CADMUS.

Supergirl goes to Lena in the first place, and she acts extremely cautious of her mom. As CADMUS need a specific isotope from L-Corp to scatter her medication, Lena then reaches her mom and says she’s prepared to join the evil cause. But towards the end, in any case, is that Lena basically creates a cure to the infection rather, which likewise heal and cure J’onn’s White Martian symptoms . At the point when everything’s said and done, Barry and Cisco travel through the multiverse to approach Kara for her offer assistance.

“Medusa” really ends up being one of the better scenes of Supergirl season two. The turn with Lena is all around played, and getting the chance to see J’onn go wild as a White Martian, realizing that the condition is just transitory, is quite fun. In like manner, the funniness and heart of the show cooperate pleasantly this week, as Mon-El and Supergirl get progressively lovable to watch collaborate, and a touching minute amongst Alex and Maggie tops off the scene. One of the main drawbacks (aside from Supergirl’s ever-present absence of value embellishments) is that the episode truly isn’t a piece of the hybrid, as was publicized. Barry and Cisco just make a brief cameo in the last scene for few seconds. Still, “Medusa” is a commendable passage into Supergirl’s sophomore season. The social analysis still underlies the principle battle, which is a decent change of pace from the other CW appears, and having the strain of knowing Barry and Cisco would be en route sooner or later really appears to work for the scene. The Invasion story continues with the other three DC tv shows. Be that as it may, as Supergirl enters the Earth-One universe to jump-start the crossover event..


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Supergirl S02 E08


Very Good

This mid finale was top class. This episode brought the show's more essential plot dangers to a transitory conclusion. The contention with Lillian Luthor and the fights with Hank Henshaw, was bounty to appreciate.

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