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The Flash Episode 2: “Paradox” Review

Last week’s episode was breathtaking. The Flash Writers keep on raising the bar after each awesome episode. Today we Got so much things to watch that we can’t even describe it. Don’t worry guys, the review that are provided to all of you will surely contain spoilers. I have warned you already. So please refrain from reading further if you haven’t watched it yet. (Don’t Look towards next paragraph)

Continuing from the previous episode, we learn about the mini flashpoint continuation. Though Barry Allen with the help of Reverse Flash had managed to put things back in place as it should be, but still the problem for Barry Allen is not over yet. A whole new timeline has been created apart from original and flashpoint timelines. A very minute disruption in time, has produced “vibes” resulting in different events such as:

  1. Iris West is no longer on talking terms with her dad and brother.
  2. Cisco is in depression mode since his brother died in an accident. And on top of that he is angry at Barry Allen for refusing to go back in time and save his brother.
  3. Caitlin Snow has freezing ability just like that of Killer Frost in Earth-2.
  4. John Diggle have son named Joe instead of daughter Sara.
  5. Barry Allen now has new meta-human crime investigating partner named “Julian Albert” Played by one of the good actor named Tom Felton.

This episode somehow reminds me of Lex Luthor’s Famous Quote in Injustice Story line:

“I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universes. Some are just like our own…. But for one or two significant event, it’s t exactly the same.”

So maybe on other show in Arrowerse, they might show little effects of flashpoint but not too much different from original timeline. Now coming back to this episode, Barry Allen straightaway run towards Star city to seek Felicity Advice about timeline. Though in comics and animated movie, he seeks and shares his timeline change information with Batman of both universes. Here he could have consulted Oliver Queen as it would have provided more meaning.

Because of all these talking, it doesn’t help Barry much in bringing the flash core team back together it was. Plus, Barry and his new crime investigating partner are finding it difficult to work on case together because of trust issues. Tom Felton, the star from Harry Potter Series played a marvelous role and hoping to see more of his screen time in upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile Alchemy, the new villain in town resurrect The Rival from this timeline by tproviding the powers and memories from the flashpoint to Edward Clarris. The Rival wanted to settle old score for what Barry did to him but still he was badly defeated by The Flash when he was bound off across half the city when Barry pushed him with extreme speed.

When Barry realized that he made a huge mistake of bringing villains from the flashpoint, he makes up his mind to fix the timeline again. So, while initiating time travel, The Flash was obstructed by Jay Garrick and took him to Earth -3 (1998). The older Flash had already warned Jay to keep tab on the younger self. He told him for each mistake to undo he can’t keep on fixing the timeline and in return there would harsh consequences.

Learning his valuable lesson, Barry Decides to split all beans about flashpoint to his team but with their approval he doesn’t reveal their true personality or type of person they were in flashpoint. The team in return tries to bury their differences for the sake of Barry and try to lead normal life as it is.

And as usual due to hi-tech devices present at Star Labs, they could track down The Rival. It didn’t take too long for the fight to begin as the Rival bought his “Sidekick”, The Alchemy whose main purpose is to show people their true power potential. But with Flash getting his a$$ kicked by Rival, Cisco aka The Vibe came on time for the rescue using his incredible powers. Flash & Vibe together are the perfect Superhero Combo.

For the Rival, he now must spend rest of his life in Iron Heights but the nightmare is not over yet. Seems like Alchemy is pissed off for failing the mission and hence had to face wrath of philosopher’s stone.

Overall it was nice character build up episode for each cast member. Also, the plus point is they are building up the excitement and curiosity for the fans. Can’t wait to see the bigger role of the Alchemy in upcoming plot or story line.

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The Flash S03 E02



The Flash comes on terms with Flashpoint's Consequences and his team up with Jay Garrick are the main Highlights of this episode

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