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Bruce Cambell was originally the 1st choice for John Winchester role in Supernatural

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles yesterday revealed, at a certain point, the creative team behind the show needed Bruce Campbell as a more seasoned adaptation of John Winchester.

John Winchester initially showed up in the pilot episode of Supernatural and was depicted by Jeffery Dean Morgan. At a certain point, nonetheless, two actors were intended to portray the character.

While speaking to Michael Rosenbaum on his “Inside of You” podcast, Jensen Ackles spoke:

Bruce Campbell was the only person that they wanted. Ultimately, they couldn’t make it happen, whether it was [because of his] schedule or whatever. So they kind of threw their hands up in the air, and [were] like, ‘Well, maybe we can just age Jeffery up and have him come back and play an older version of himself.

Our thoughts: It would have been equally awesome seeing Bruce Cambell as John Winchester since he was familiar with this genre. But nevertheless, Jeffery Morgan was one of the best casting choices and will always remain the heart of the show. Saving people…Hunting things… The family business.

The forthcoming last seven-episodes of Supernatural’s final season will start on Thursday, October eighth, and will finish up on November nineteenth. Stay tuned for all the most recent news on Supernatural.

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