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Two Writers for ‘Godzilla 2’ Script have been Hired

The continuation of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla has revealed its script writers. Michael Dougherty and Zach Shields will take a shot at the script. The Legendary Studios have officially declared that they are hoping to extend this into a bigger franchise establishment which will highlight a conflict among Godzilla and King Kong.

Additional reports are indicating at the way that Legendary Studios may shape a journalist’s room which would grow this universe. The continuation of Edward’s Godzilla will probably be an approach to set up this new universe.

The spin-off won’t be helmed by Edwards, initially the arrangement was to hold off on creation to work with Edwards recording Rebel One: A Star Wars Story yet he has since withdrawn the venture. Edwards cases to have littler activities being developed that he needs to seek after, which contrasted with the huge blockbusters like Godzilla and Rebel One would give him somewhat of a palette chemical to extend his directorial capacities to various stories. Edwards already coordinated the autonomous film, Creatures, which had huge impact into Warner Brothers. also, Unbelievable giving him the keys to coordinate the main American Godzilla film since the tragic Roland Emmerich film in 1998.

You can see Gareth Edwards’ most recent venture, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters on December 16, 2016.

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