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Oh Yes!! John Wick’s Director Confirmed To Direct Deadpool Sequel

It’s official : John Wick co-Director named David Leitch has been confirmed as the director for the forthcoming Deadpool sequel. It’s been an intense road for the second film in the Deadpool franchise, as even after the enormous accomplishment of the main film both director Tim Miller and composer Junkie XL have left the venture.

Fans have been sitting tight for simply under a month to discover who might replace Miller in the profoundly expected continuation from Fox and Marvel. We now know, as indicated by the Hollywood Reporter, that David Leitch has finalized a negotiations to steerage the director’s seat for Deadpool 2.

Leitch’s name has been joined to the venture as a potential substitution since just a couple days after Miller reported going separate ways. Leitch met with Reynolds in New York and was offered the occupation presently.

Leitch has critically praised involvement with the action film class, co-directing John Wick, serving as an official producer on John Wick 2.

Likewise as per The Hollywood Reporter, the wheels are starting to turn on Deadpool 3, and Fox is searching for a different executive to go up against the third film. It will be interesting to see the differences between the three directors’ interpretation of a similar character. It is additionally worth thinking about whether Deadpool goes past three live action movies or will they keep on searching for another director for every film? That could transform into a fascinating approach to make every film in the establishment remarkable.

Do you think David Leitch is the right man for taking the helm of directing Deadpool Sequel? Make a point to tell us in the comment section below.

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