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The ‘Batman: Arkham’ Video Game Series Are Done For Now According To Kevin Conroy

Batman: Arkham Knight gave an apparently authoritative conclusion to the prominent Batman: Arkham video game series, however various fans have still held out expectation that establishment could proceed with a continuation or prequel.

Presently, Batman: The Animated Series voice on-screen character Kevin Conroy has uncovered that Warner Bros. has no plans to proceed with the video game series amid a Q &Q session at Wizard World Nashville. Conroy revealed the news because of a fan’s inquiry on the eventual fate of the computer game arrangement:

I can’t believe that they’re not going to do another one, but they’re not. Isn’t that amazing?. They made literally billions of dollars on those games, but no, there’s no plan to do another one. Sorry.

You can hear listen to Conroy’s comments in the video uploaded by Matt Sifford.

Are you disappointed to hear that the series has come to an end? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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