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“Arrow” : Tina Boland’s Real Identity Revealed as [Spoiler Alert]

A week ago, Arrow presented the new character of Tina Boland towards the end of the mid-season debut titled “Who Are You?”. We saw her bring down two arrogant men in a bar with her sonic shout cry, uncovering that she is a meta-human. The current week’s episode “Second Chances” highlighted Team Green Arrow attempting to locate another Black Canary to respect Laurel Lance’s legacy.

We learn through flashbacks that she got her sonic shout amid the specific quickening collision blast in Central City. Nonetheless, as we get to the finish of the episode, it was uncovered that Tina Boland was only a covert name for this lady when she used to be a cop with a specific end goal to secure her family. So who is she? On the off chance that you are as yet perusing, here is the last spoiler cautioning(warning).

It creates the impression that the actress Juliana Harkavy is really playing the character of Dinah Drake. Sound common place? That is on account of in the DC Comics mythology, that was the primary Black Canary. Dinah Laurel Lance, who was played by Katie Cassidy, is the girl of the primary Canary in the myths. While it was expected that Alex Kingston’s Dinah Lance was the Dinah Drake Lance character, it seems to not be the situation.

Dinah Drake showed up back in #86 of Flash Comics back in August 1947. She put on a show of being a lowlife at to begin with, yet it was later uncovered that she was simply putting on a show to be one to invade a gathering of crooks.

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