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Exciting Big Announcements Coming Up for Shazam Movie and Rest Of DCEU

It looks like we’re at long last going to get some official news in regards to Shazam movie, the DC Comics motion picture that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will star in as Black Adam. Hiram Garcia, Shazam producerand VP of The Rock’s generation organization, Seven Bucks Productions, had a major meeting with DC Comics yesterday in regards to the film. “Big things are coming,” he prodded on Twitter.

While fans might be stressed over DC movies’ future, Dwayne Johnson also met with the organization to move certainty. Johnson, will’s identity playing the reprobate Black Adam in the forthcoming Shazam movie, says he’s already ready and enlivened after the meeting.

So regardless of whether you’ve adored the current DCEU’s offerings, in any event if The Rock can be believed, what’s to come is brilliant. Ideally the movies can start to get both incredible gathering from fans and critics alike and also vary their movies tonally so they don’t have all same vibe. Innovation might be critical to the proceeded with accomplishment of the superhero sort, something DC can absolutely encourage.

Meanwhile half a month back, The Rock prodded a conceivable collaboration with Henry Cavill’s Superman. Shazam is likely booked for a release on April 5, 2019. Do stay tuned to Fan Club Network on these updates. Ideally it won’t be too long.

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