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John Cleese Might Be Playing The Role of “Highfather” In DC Cinematic Universe

Monty Python movies leading star aka John Cleese may have got a pivotal role in the DC Films universe and most probably be playing as “Highfather”.


John Cleese

Today we just noticed that the both“Batman v Superman UK”  and cinematographer “Clay Enos” began following John Cleese on Twitter. And now recently, Cleese also started following both Batman actor and director, “Ben Affleck” and Justice League director, “Zack Snyder”.


Twitter Proof

Some of you might think this twitter activity is silly but it actually has proven to be useful for quite sometime now. For example, earlier Rick Famuyiwa and Joe Magliano started following a bunch of DC movies related accounts. Though the news media were at toes and giving out speculations about those twitter activities but in the end it turned out to be true. Rick was selected as The Flash Director (though he left the project due to “creative differences”) and Joe has been cast to play the ultimate badass assassin known as the “Deathstroke” in both Justice League and Untitled Batman solo movies.

So here is the speculation theory for John Cleese. Given that DC Universe is adapting bits of Injustice Storyline and also in justice league movie, Steppenwolf (Uncle of Darkseid and also Army General) is going to appear, it is safe to say John Cleese is playing as “Highfather”. Comic fans already know that Steppenwolf was responsible for killing Highfather’s wife Avia. So, John might have small role in Justice League but it might prove to be important one like revenge or something.

Here’s the little background about “Highfather”:

Highfather is a title given to the ruler of the good New Gods on New Genesis, originally held by Izaya. He is their connection to the will of the Source, the celestial force that governs their lives. He is locked in eternal combat with Darkseid and the evil New Gods of Apokolips. For many years as part of a peace treaty, Highfather raised Darkseid’s son Orion and Darkseid raised Highfather’s son Scott Free.

According to you, who do you think he should play? Let me know in the comments below.

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