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Green Lantern Might Appear in Upcoming Justice League Film

We might not have full proof confirmation of Green Lantern presence who is the missing seventh individual from one year from now’s Justice League. But at the same time, if not the Earth space cop himself, then a kindred individual from the Green Lantern Corps should do.

The Wrap columnist Umberto Gonzalez dropped the goody in his news breakdown of one year from now’s very foreseen superhero assemble, including that said unknown Green Lantern will appear “in a key grouping.”

At the point when executive Zack Snyder at first prodded Justice League, it was with the slogan “Unite the Seven.” However, as confirm by the group shot above, just six individuals are represented. It was declared years back a reboot titled Green Lantern Corps was made arrangements for summer 2020, however that was only a release date, with just gossipy tidbits filling the void of where the character could go earlier.

Given the Corps is loaded with outsiders, it’s conceivable the character is a CGI creation, as no entertainer has been associated yet. Another, unlikelier plausibility is they have officially sneak-cast the Green Lantern superhero (either Hal Jordan or John Stewart … on the other hand both!) and are concealing him until the film’s release in about a year.

With respect to what part the character and the Corps will play, it’s potentially they’re required in the preface clarifying Darkseid, the Mother Boxes, and the old organization together of people, Atlanteans and Amazonians. There was additionally talk path, route back that the film would end with Green Lantern appearing to tee up the 2019 sequel versus Darkseid.

What do you think? Eager to see the Green Lanterns making a rebound sooner than anticipated? Where do you anticipate that them will appear in the film? Tell us in the comments below.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017 and its sequel hits June 14, 2019. Green Lantern Corps is booked for July 24, 2020.

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