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Mark Hamill Dressed as Joker on the Set Of ‘The Flash’!!!

In the coming episodes to come, it gives us a clear-cut idea that Captain Cold isn’t the main returning Rogue part that we are seeing this season on The Flash. Star Wars’ Mark Hamill, who has showed up on the show twice as The Trickster, was spotted on the filming set of the show in Vancouver today, yet looking altogether different from his standard Trickster costume.

Considering the photographs, he is looking extremely Joker-ish, so what would it be able to mean, is Hamill abruptly playing The Joker on The Flash? While he will dependably be known as the complete voice of the Joker from activity and computer games, he most likely isn’t playing Joker on this show. In any case, he is likewise spot alongside John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick, so could this be occurring on Earth-3!!

Hamill was most recently seen in the mid-season two finales when he collaborated with Cold and the Weather Wizard.

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