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The Dark Nights: Metal #3 is out and things get seriously busy in this issue. Snyder has beautifully built up to this issue and anyone who hasn't read the previous Metal issues and the tie-ins, will have a hard time figuring out this one. Because as grand this issue is, it has a lot of characters and lots of tie-in plot points converging in this issue. Metal #3  has a lot of new elements and although it is basically a Batman event, in this issue Snyder beautifully captures the essence of Superman and he is the protagonist of Metal #3 and also (spoiler alert!) he has a big part to play in Barbatos's plan.

The opening pages of this issue gives an Elseworld feeling and is a farcry from all the sinister and dark events of Metal. But things soon turn towards the ugly to creepy. Capullo beautifully captures this dark, eerie feeling through his artwork. The towers containing dead bodies are a proof of how Capullo captured the dark, gloomy essence of this invasion.