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How to Login for the FanZone section?

You must click the FanZone login button placed at the right-side top corner of the page.

Here’s the screenshot of FanZone login below.


You can either login via Facebook or Google Account.  You can also register it by filling up unique username, email id and password.

How to use the “My Post” feature of the FanZone?

To access the my post feature of the FanZone, the user needs to sign up/ sign in through the FanZone login. Only then feature will be available to use it.

Before Logged In:



After Logged In:


How do I change the Profile Settings?

Account Settings tab is available at the FanZone where you can edit anything related to your account.

How do I change the Reset/forgotten password?

For the forgotten password, if you are logged in already then you can change it from account settings. And If you are logged out and trying to login from the FanZone Login Pop Page then click on “Forgot Password”. An email containing reset password link will be sent to your registered email id.

How do I change email id?

The email id can be updated or changed from the account settings which is available as tab in FanZone Section.

How do I change the Profile Avatar?

The Profile Picture can be changed from the account settings which is available as tab in FanZone Section.

How to write an article?

You can write article just like bloggers or who are familiar with word files. All the writing tools are available for usage. We would recommend you to write article in accordance to the one of the given five tags to classify the article.

What should be the standard size of featured image for the articles?

Standard size of the featured image would be 1200 pixels x 400 pixels. It is important to use in this manner to make the image slider at the FanZone main page responsive.

How to insert a photo in an article and what should be its size?

Click on the picture logo from the writing tools task menu to choose the image for insertion. The size of the inserted image in the article may vary. Not size limits or conditions applied.

How to insert Youtube video or any other video link as embedded in the article?

Click on the video logo from the writing tools task menu to choose the video for embedding. Placement of the video can vary as per you and your writing style.

Are tags available for the articles?

Yes, the fixed tags are available but it’s provided from our side. You can choose or select only one tag out of five for each post article.

What is the purpose of the tags?

Just to categorise fan articles properly we are providing them with these five fixed tags options:

  • DC Fans
  • Marvel Fans
  • Movie Fans
  • TV Show Fans
  • Games Fans

The Fans will be able to choose only one tag for each article while publishing an article.

How Do I give a feedback?

You can send us feedback at this email id: . You can also use the “Report A Bug” Section by  provided in main menu as well as in footer menu by filling up the required details for sending the feedback.