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What is Fan Club Network(FCN)?

Fan Club Network (FCN) is the entertainment news website integrated with the user-based content platform. The Name “Fan Club Network” represents the meaning of forming a strong network bond of different fan clubs around the world.
Our website focuses on latest updates on the Pop Culture and Comic book related movies, games, and TV shows. It also provides an opportunity to enthusiastic users to share their take on genres in the form of writing articles, and view other such fan’s articles in the FanZone.
The FCN also acts as a social media platform for such type fans around the globe. We are trying to build up the community of geeks and nerds all at one place called Fanzone. It will be great that our audience enjoys the liveliness of our website. We have a strong branding message that will extend to all aspects of the site and truly provide the best experience to build a real interactive fan club network community.
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